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Killearn HOA Mobile App

All professional HOAs want a mobile app on Google Playstore and Apple iStore that easily lets them communicate with their members, board members and existing/potential residents. We can quickly create a custom mobile app for your HOA that gives your community a place to find news and announcements as well as giving your residents an easy tool for navigating to nearby parks and amenities

Each HOA is different, so we expect you to have different needs than what we have completed in the past.

Your mobile app will be customized for your needs.

  • Better Communication with your members

  • ​​Customizable


  • Easy to Manage

  • Published to Google and the App Store


* App Features can easily be       customized to fit YOUR HOA or YOUR particular business. 


Scroll down for just some of the feature-rich options your custom mobile app can have!

Our specialty

Home Screen

Your "Home Screen"  will be customized for your HOA's needs.  Content available on the Home screen tends to slightly differ with each HOA we work with.

Common features often sought by HOAs on the Home screen include:

Upcoming Board Meetings

Your Logo / Name


Facebook Link

Menu Screen

The "Menu Screen" can be re-arranged in any order needed.  More sections can be added and customized to fit your HOA's needs.


All users will easily be able to access many useful tools given by the HOA through this mobile app. 

When you implement this app, your members will consider the services you provide to be "state-of-the-art" in technology.

And you can provide those services for only $1500

No, that number above is not a typo.


Announcements on the home page are the "newest news" from your HOA.

Announcements on the mobile app can also be linked to your website.

Annoucements can also be linked to your social media pages.

Bottom line: Communicate more efficiently with your members.


Instead of your HOA members having to go to your website to view upcoming events, they can be instantly notified on their mobile devices by your custom mobile app. 

Not only are times and locations presented, your members have the option to see a Google Map route conveniently giving them directions to the event's location.


Events can even be commented on and shared amongst members.


A map of your area is often an extremely useful tool to include in your custom App - especially for people who are new to the area. 

Within the map, you can mark exciting and useful "destinations" that make your HOA unique
(i.e. parks, lakes, playgrounds, tennis courts, etc.)

Your members can view "routes" with corresponding maps on their phones that give them directions to your HOA's unique locations.

Implement the latest technologies for your HOA! 

HOA Suggestions / Improvements

This can actually be one of the coolest features in your custom app.

Homeowners and the community can take photos, videos or just write directly to your HOA staff to provide information on where improvements need to be made.

For example, if a sidewalk is cracked or in need of repair, a member can take a photo, describe what is wrong and where the cracked area is located and send it directly to the HOA's email from their phone.


Just another example of an easy way for your members to easily communicate with you in a combined effort to improve your community. 

Social Media Integration

With your custom mobile app, your users and members have an easy way to view Facebook posts and announcements without actually having to browse through Facebook using their PC. 


Your Facebook page automatically loads from within the mobile app.


It is easy to consolidate all your social media into one mobile application. 

About Us

This common mobile app screen is often used to give members some history about the HOA.


Don't want this page?  No problem.  


Contact Us

Do you have multiple ways you want to be contacted?


No problem.


All your HOA's methods of contact are on this screen.


The links open up the user's phone's email, website or makes a phone call to your HOA.

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